Our Philosophy

  • There is no magic bullet – Pursuing profit and cost cutting in the short term is a slippery slope
  • Business are unique and require unique solutions
  • The partnership and commitment must exist at the Executive level
  • Transformation of the culture – Enabling great people to accomplish great things
  • Using relevant metrics drive sound long term solutions and shareholder value
  • Lean is the mechanism to execute and institutionalize those solutions
  • Recent News

    Featured Image

    The West Monroe Team focused on reducing the time to Get on Grade on the #6 Paper Machine. By reducing internal activities and waste in the process by 25%, they expect savings in excess of $200,000 over the next 12 months!

    Success Story

    Boxboard Mill example

    32 week long Kaizen events Average event savings $165K ROI approx 1.5 months

    Single Mill example

    Efficiency 85.5% to 91.2% Tons per day 397 to 439 EBITDA $10M to $17.4M

    A Job Well Done

    LMS has done an outstanding job at the Graphic Packaging’s Recycled Paper Board Mill in Santa Clara, California. Building off an existing strong Team Based Culture, LMS was able to rejuvenate the Mill’s problem solving efforts with great Sigma Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing skills development. LMS helped the Paper Mill tackle and solve several long standing problems that the more traditional team and problem solving methods had failed to correct. As an example of the success the Mill has achievement working with LMS, the Mill’s Operating Efficiency improved over 1% from 93.1% to 94.14% which represents over 80 hours of additional operating time annually for a process that runs 24/7. This level of Operating Efficiency is World Class in the Recycled Paper Board Industry. LMS’s Leadership, Training and Work were the key drivers in this incredible achievement.

    Dick Johnston

    Graphic Packaging International, Inc.
    Resident Manager

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